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An Osaka-based firm has released a report regarding an expected release of the Playsation 5 late 2019

PS5 expected to release in late 2019

There have been many rumours in the past few months regarding the release of Sony’s successor to the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, we assume it will be called, has received a number of false news reports in the past few months, with one stating that it won’t be seen for at least another 3 years. Considering PS3 came out in 2006, and PS4 arrived 7 years later, the above prediction could be accurate, but Ace Economic Research analyst Hideki Yasuda has set his prediction on late 2019.

His report, which can be found above,  looks at Sony’s financial performance over the past few years which has brought about his prediction of a late 2019 launch. The only problem is the availability of parts.

Strap on your tech-hat, things are about to get… techy. According to Dualshockers, “Murata Manufacturing and TDK have expressed concerns about the tightening of the worldwide supply and demand chain of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC), and have indicated that it could be it as a future risk for the business.”

The shortage of capacitors is due to the large numbers of cars and mobile phones being introduced into the market. If you can imagine the sheer number of phones and cars being made worldwide, you can understand this supply and demand issue now facing the manufacturing of consoles. These supply issues, according to Yasuda, are the main possibility behind Sony’s delay in creating the PS5.

Although rumours of a new PlayStation are flying about, don’t get too excited yet. Remember, it took 7 years between PS3 and PS4 and we’re currently on year 5 since the PS4 release. The sliver-lining is, of course, the popularity of gaming worldwide and the demand for a competitive console to stay above the rest.