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FIFA 19 reigns supreme in UK as in opening week

Physical sales dwindle as FIFA 19 tops UK charts

FIFA 19 launched late last week and it has already taken the top sales spot in the United Kingdom. Sales are down 25% compared to 2017, according to, but an even more alarming story has been told by this week’s statistics. It seems that physical sales have been far less than previous years, bringing up the question of the digital age and future of hard-copy sales for gaming.

In my opinion, hard-copy purchases only seem relevant for collector’s editions or other editions which warrant a physical copy. This shows that the first week of sales were either disappointing for EA and FIFA in the UK, or the digital age is slowly taking over as downloads sore.

According to GameIndustry, PS4 dominated with 64% while Xbox One took up 38%. The remaining 1% was on Nintendo Switch. Some gamers are still purchasing FIFA for old generation consoles, but the number, according to the report, is negligible. PS4’s dominance comes as no surprise as it has been the console of preference for FIFA for a number of years. It’s also the preferred console for competitive FIFA which is played at the highest level for millions of dollars, including VS Gaming’s very own FIFA Festival. The PS4 is also reportedly the most popular console in the UK.

The dominating start for FIFA means Spider-Man, a PS4 exclusive, will drop to number 2 on the list of sales.