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We’re excited to confirm that Gran Turismo Sport will be launching on 18th October this year. Between now and launch you can expect to hear a lot more from the GT team, as they unveil more information about features such as the campaign mode, creative too
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GT fans and PlayStation supporters around the world have brought their collective input to bear during the game’s closed BETA period, all in pursuit of making sure it delivers on expectations. Our inside track tells us the game delivers on unprecedented graphics, sound and physics simulation and experience on PlayStation, and of course it supports the PlayStation VR headset with a virtual reality mode.

Gran Turisimo

Pre-orders are available now from both PlayStation Store and retailers, with plenty of choice to help GT fans select the right edition. Over and above the Standard Edition full game, you can choose from any of four other options:

  • Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Steel Book Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Day 1 Edition

Keep a watchful eye over the official PlayStation channels and the Gran Turismo website.