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A massive sale on a month-old game apparently upset some people

Latest Tomb Raider bombed with negative reviews

Shadow of the Tomb Raider arrived just under a month ago. We remember clearly as we were treated to a great stand at Comic Con Africa which featured a free-to-play section of the new Tomb Raider. It was all the hype, and the third installment in the reboot which featured a whole new take on Lara Croft, the hero we all deserve.

A month later, however, fans are upset and bombarding Steam with negative reviews of Tomb Raider. Why, you might ask? The game is amazing, but gamers are upset. Before we reveal why, it’s important you all understand that gamers love two things – new games and specials. However, when die-hard fans purchase a new title and then that exact title goes on sale a month later you’re going to upset a lot of people.

A 10%, maybe even 20% discount is excusable, but the latest game is on special is 34% off the initial price on Steam, and the Croft Edition (which has all DLC content) is at 47% off. That’s almost half-price.

Some fans have expressed joy as they had waited a while before purchasing, while others are livid that they paid full price just one month ago. It seems a lot of the negative reviews are coming from China, according to

The image above shows the negative reviews over the past few days, but it seems those specials are gone. The question still remains why the game went on special so early and for so little. Could it be due to slow sales on PC? Or someone’s mistake. Needless to say, the game is amazing and you should have grabbed it for “half-price.”