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Lead developer Cody Barlog was the deciding factor

God of War was nearly based in Egypt

This past weekend at Devcom, God of War developer Cory Barlog joined a panel to discuss early development of hit god-slaying title God of War and shared a few interesting behind the scenes issues and difference of opinions the team faced when deciding on Kratos’ path.

Basing a game around mythology, albeit a loose translation aimed at captivating an audience, is always a tough task. Barlog mentioned that a discussion around the next God of War title began the same year Ascension (the previous God of War title) was released. The team was met with a tough decision between Norse Mythology and Egyptian Mythology. With a 50/50 split between both directions, Cory Barlog was inevitably the tie-breaker who chose the direction of Norse Mythology and thank goodness for that.

On screen at Devcom, Barlog also shared early concept designs for both directions with the Egyptian concept showing some form of Criosphinx facing Kratos and, who would now be known as, Atreus.

The direction wasn’t the only issue the team faced. Barlog also mentioned facing resistance from the team and playtesters over Kratos having a son. They felt it wasn’t like Kratos to behave the way he was intended throughout the latest God of War, but we’re thankful he did. The move away from hatred and anger where slaying every Greek god was the only way forward was well received by fans as it showed a Kratos split between the old ways and the new “burden” or fulfilling his loves’ wishes and raising a young man.

Is an Egyptian route still possible? Definitely. Kratos is on a mission to rid the Earth of gods, and it won’t stop after Odyn. How they get there will be the biggest task as prophecies shown in the latest God of War leave tough decisions ahead for Kratos and Atreus. Needless to say, we’re excited to see how the Norse Mythology continues as we already know Thor has arrived.

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